inGRACE photography

inGRACE photography
grace: the divine influence in the heart reflected in the life

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Continuous Lighting

My venture in photography has taken me to new heights not only in my understanding of my creativity and talent, but has translated in my spiritual growth as well. And lighting is such a huge part of this demonstration. I've studied a lot biblically about the word light and as I continue to grow in this direction I love the way it is translating into my every day understanding of the things that are set before me. But isn't this how God works anyway? :-)
Here are some shots I took last week at Kino Flo Lighting Systems in Burbank at a Continuous Light Seminar by Jose Zakany (who was actually my wedding photographer and one of the most passionate photographers I have ever met! and his partner Gregory Beylerian of Clickbox Studios ( The lighting was created using Kino Flo's Diva 400 Lites. Our beautiful model is Roma Perrier.